Project Happy 2015 #ProjectHappy2015

My first entry for Project Happy 2014
My first entry for Project Happy 2014

I entered 2014 full of optimism.

I quit my job; I was ready for anything that was going to be thrown into my way and I was ready to discover more of the world. Armed with my first ever Starbucks planner, I was excited to try something new that I didn’t do before.

For the next 365 days of 2014, I promised myself I was to write AT LEAST one thing that made that day a happy day. No matter how busy I got, no matter how tired or down I was, I was to find at least ONE THING that made me happy, no matter how simple it was.

Appreciation vs Expectation

It all started when I realised I had a notebook back in my college days where I wrote things that would make me happy. This was more of a checklist of things that I needed to do to make me happy. The experience was an interesting one because I was able to enumerate things that would trigger happiness in me. But there was a problem with the list I was making. These were things that I expected to do to gain happiness. I wasn’t listing down things that would make me happy, I was listing down things that would make me feel disappointed if they were not done. (okay please bear with my Continue reading Project Happy 2015 #ProjectHappy2015

Apnea Genesis: A Freediving Story

In the beginning there was a man. That man went freediving and he saw that it was good.
This is a story, a story of my freediving beginnings.

The Freediver inside

The family always tried to find any opportunity to go to the beach and I would see dad head over to the open ocean with his pair of fins and goggles. My siblings and I would notice that he would be gone for several hours swimming great distances until he could no longer Continue reading Apnea Genesis: A Freediving Story