Whale Sharks in Cebu: Majestic Marine Wonders


whale shark dancing
My Brother doing the Whale Shark Dance

Three hours south of Cebu, the humble municipality of Oslob started gaining popularity because of the famous gentle giants once more famously seen in Donsol, Sorsogon: The Whale Shark (Rhyncodon typus). The whole family decided to finally see this majestic creature of the sea despite my earlier apprehensions of how Continue reading

The Sudden Boracay Trip

Boracay Beach
Boracay: One of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines

“Johnn! Wake up! We’re going to Boracay!”

My brother woke me up somewhere 8:30am in the morning and I was still feeling too lazy to get up. He already mentioned about it the day before but I thought it was rather peculiar that we would suddenly have tickets to Caticlan. I was really thinking my younger brother was gonna play a prank on me and so I decided to humor him. I got out of my bed, picked up my duffel bag and Continue reading

Best Cebu Blogs 2013

I got nominated?! Now all the more reason to keep this blog updated :D

I remember joining the Cebu Bloggers Society about 6 years ago. The community has then grown, changed, and developed. Within the community, an initiative of a few number of people sprouted and thus the intent to recognize commendable bloggers and their blogs, came to be. Continue reading

Apnea Genesis: A Freediving Story

In the beginning there was a man. That man went freediving and he saw that it was good.
This is a story, a story of my freediving beginnings.

The Freediver inside

The family always tried to find any opportunity to go to the beach and I would see dad head over to the open ocean with his pair of fins and goggles. My siblings and I would notice that he would be gone for several hours swimming great distances until he could no longer Continue reading

Moalboal Underwater Adventure!

corals in moalboal
Point of view from the drop facing the surface

One of my favorite places to go to for freediving is in the Diving Municipality in the South of Cebu: Moalboal! It is famous for its rich marine life in its beautiful waters and also its well protected Marine Sanctuaries that boasts several colorful corals and probably fishes you don’t normally see when you opt to go for Island Hopping in Mactan (another place known for Diving in Cebu).

Armed with my GoPro HD Hero 2 attached with a blurfix from Snake River Prototyping, I then dip in the blue waters of Moalboal along with Lakbay Diva and The Travelling Feet. We did not do any Continue reading

Island Hopping in Mactan, Cebu

snorkeling cebu
Under the sea! Cebu is blessed with rich marine diversity.

One of the most common activities which I often hear from visitors requesting instead of me suggesting is Island hopping. There are plenty of places to go Island hopping in Cebu but the easiest and most convenient would be in Mactan. Just less than an hour away from Cebu City, the Island of Mactan is well known as a diver’s school ground for basic diving courses, and also a favorite activity among tourists: Island Hopping. The best thing about Island hopping in Cebu is that it’s not just going from one island to another, you actually get to swim in the waters, dock on the islands and experience the natural beauty surrounding you. It’s you stepping away from the city and just experience the Islander’s life.  Continue reading

Lakwatsa Resto Lounge in Cebu

Lakwatsa Resto Lounge
Lakwatsa Resto Loung: Byahe Cultural Show

Chattering women, men in engaging in tomfoolery, feathers and patterns in a flurry of hues, serenading suitors, and a variation of dialects – One would expect this to be a quick tour through the different cultural colors of the Philippines. When was the last time you experienced a good tinikling dance? Or how about a charming harana? Have you even heard of hilarious Bisaya songs and with matching dances? Well, last Wednesday, I was lucky to experience all those. Continue reading

A Step into Video Blogging…Again

Pawikan shot with my GoPro in Moalboal

Okay okay, I said before I’ll dabble with video blogging but I chickened out that time. I guess I was rather insecure and unsure with how I was doing things. Was I doing okay with my video productions? Did I have a good enough storyline? Will people like what I’m shooting or saying? Those were some things that bothered me while I was working on some videos using my then purchased Canon 7D. Continue reading

The Niche I Try to Avoid

A lil portrait photography back on the blogspot days, I had no idea how to do post-processing then

When the burst of Photography fad came in, I could almost always see a person carrying a DSLR around their neck wherver I go. Be it the mall, the streets, public transportation, parks, homes, and even in the church, PEOPLE have them.

Apart from the physical aspect of photography being a more visible hobby, I started seeing posts online saying “Having a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a DSLR owner.” Well at a certain level yes and no. But for that argument, I’ll save it for later. Continue reading