Camera Repair in Cebu

CANON Lenses

I am a Canon user.

Digital SLRs are a fast growing popular gadget here in the Philippines but when after the fun of shooting we sometimes end up with a dislodged lens, broken camera, or a malfunctioning camera software. So where is the camera repair in Cebu. Where is the camera service center center in Cebu?

Canon Service Center

Canon service center is located in The Gallery which is beside the road from Lahug all the way to Mabolo. For those opting to come from SM, you can ride a jeepney 04L which will pass by The Gallery. But if you’re coming from Jones, Mabolo, or the like then you can take the 03Q (which takes about 45 minutes to get to the destination) then an 04L.

I heard that they take longer to repair cameras in Canon so I’d give it about a month. This would be practical if you still have your warranty. However, if you want things fast then you can consider my second option below:

Camera Care: Camera Service Center

Let’s begin with my problem which was my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens got dislodge after my camera took a graceful landing. So nothing was broken but I heard it was more expensive to have the camera lens fixed than to buy a new one. Then my friend thedarklordchucklesthesillypiggy suggested that I have it fixed in Camera Care.

CANON Lenses

Where is Camera Care?

Simple, just tell the taxi driver Sampaguit suites right across Robinsons Mall in Ramos Street.

1200php and 5 hours later my lens is fixed, clean, and with an added contraption to secure the two major parts together.


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101 thoughts on “Camera Repair in Cebu

    • haha, dugay bitaw gyud na ilaha, yep, it’s still open, adto lang sa sampaguita suites, ask around. Atbang ni cya sa Robinsons. Then go in. The name is now: Digital Camera repair man guro

  1. Maayog Buntay/Udto/gabii/kadlawon sa inyo. Mangutana unta ko kung asa lain pwede magpa limpyo kay gi ingnan ko sa Allens nga expire na daw akong Tokina nga 75-300mm nga lens.

    Kinsay kabalo mo limpyo ug lens? please text me at 09228410264. Joven Morales

    • cleaning sa lens bai naa sa Camera Care, naa na sa Sampaguita Suites dapit, atbang ra sa Sterling bank which is in Ramos.

  2. “May 1, 2010 at 6:46 am
    Cameracare is a quick and easy alternative for those who can’t wait and can’t afford the price canon has to offer”

    Hey that sounds just like me! :D My LCD is broken and Canon told me it would take ONLY 4 month to replace it. Im in Tacloban, so I would like to call first. Could you give me a number? :) Thanks alot!

    • contact @ 032-5811797—0927-6703197
      @ JRG BLDG., Gen. Maxilom Ave.
      Cebu City, (formerly belvic theater)

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    • bai, I think naa pero I dunno unsa models. pero most likely naa gyud na cuz naa man ko nakita mga gipangdisplay

  4. I don’t agree with everything in this posting, but you do make some very good points. I’m very interested in this subject and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment. Feel free to check out my website sometime and let me know what you think.

  5. excellent article,but i get some trouble in understanding the final paragraph, can you please describe a bit in depth?

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  9. ei, thanks so much for all the info. I have a nikon d90 here and the LCD was smashed. Do you think they can repair this. Thanks again for all the info. Im kinda relieved somehow knowing camera care do exists.

    • It looks like a need for LCD replacement, just have them order the part ahead and they can replace it soon enough :) hope your cam will be fine :)

  10. ask lang ko kung mo repair ba sad sila ug GE nga digicam kay kung sa ilaha sa manila man ilaha service center,pila sad ang charge.

    • @Charmaine hello charmaine I don’t know how much they charge but I do know Camera care handles almost all kinds of brands and they know how to fix things in the most efficient way possible. If your camera is under warranty go for the service center but if it is not, Camera Care is the best choice.

  11. hello to camera care,
    mo repair pod mo if blurd na ang kuha sa camera?
    then dili napod mo on ang cam? mo on siya kung tangtangon ang battery dn ang zoom niya kay moongot dn dili na mo home position. dili na jod mo function ang on / off…if magrepair how much kaha ang pay?
    olympus ang brand sa cam..

    • @Ninfa hello ninfa, i’m sorry if I can’t answer all your questions because this is not camera care’s website. Pls try to call them in their telephone number.

  12. hi sir,i’m so happy that i was able to read your blog today because early this morning my canon digicam natagak sya while nag-on then nag lens error na sya,i called the canon service center they told me that it needs to replace the lens & its worth 3,500.00 it is so expensive when i read your blog i’m so thankful maybe the camera care can fix my digicam w/o replacing the lens..sir it is possible right?

  13. hi, i am using cannon digicam, since 2 day my cam is nt working properly, wen i am taking picture than pic is nt clear totally white is coming, so can u plz tell me wat is the problem in my cam and were i should go for repair fast, i m living in capitol, cebu city

  14. I have this problem on my camera, rainy days last week nabasa intawn ni siya! do still have a chance nga maayo pa ni siya? na dry nako ang tubig 5 minutes dayon then wala nani ni siga pa! pls advice me here pls

    • @Johntor bai sorry sa late reply. You should put it in a dehydration chamber. (some use bugas in dire situations) leave it there for 3 days. (remember remove all parts like battery and Card) hopefully mubalik ra na

  15. GOOD DAY ALL ..i just want to ask if the canon center here in cebu fast ba ilang service??or klaro ba???kay almost 3 months naman wala pamay feed back sa akong gi pa repair na power shot cam…then this day di ko ka sulod sa ilang linya sa phone..

  16. much better ako nalang adtoon noh???coz para maka knw ko as far as i knw last tawag nku didto ky naa na daw pero wala paman feed back sa unit i think first week sa june to nku gi tawagan…until now wala paman busy pod ko gud

    • @joseph hi joseph mas recommended if adtuon gyud nimo para naa ka reason to say that you’re doing your part and that they should do theirs. hope all turns out well :P

    • @Kathleen Alvarez unfortunately yes. pero sometimes it’s not super mahal like sometimes it’s not as expensive as half the price of the camera itself.

  17. hi!is anybody can help me about my problem?wen i took a video on my EOS 1100d canon cam.its clear butt wen i transfer it to my laptop its vey karat dyud…wats d prob man?

    • @Haniyah your laptop is the problem. or at least I think it is your laptop. Try checking with other computers.

  18. i have sanyo digital camera VPC-X1200 natagak sya then pag on naku dili na mogawas ang lens then SYSTEM ERROR na ang naka display sa screan…. ma ayo pa ni? plsss heelp me….. and then how much kayha ang akung ma gasto?

    • Hi maricor. Maayo pa na cya. Thats a common problem but cost of repair will vary. Most likely it will be more than 1000php

  19. hi! i just would like to ask if how much is the repair of my cam, model Cannon Powershot A460 – ang sira is ang lens niya…. white kasi ang lumalabas kung gagamitin siya sa umaga.

  20. good day, ask lang unta ko kung unsa kahay deprencia sa akong unit nga Canon A540, it is powered by 2pcs AA batteries, kung akong saksakan ug battery maski bag-o… mga 2 to 3 shots mag lowbat dayon sya…pero same battery unya akong ibutang sa akong isa pa ka camera… ok pa man ang camera ug maka kuha pa ko ug mga around 20 to 25 shots… meaning, dali ra kaayo ma lowbat ang akong Canon A540…unsa kahay deperencia sa unit sir?

  21. just want to ask, ang amo camera, inig on sa screen black ra sya, ining picture black japon. base sa ako research lens daw ang problem. gusto namo sya ipa-ayo pero nawala ang resibo nga gipangayo sa amo gipalitan. naa ka marecommend nga moaayo ug camera? then sakto ba nga lens ang guba? pentax d i amo camera.

    • @Summerscent lee sa Camera care sa may sampaguita suites sa ramos. Theyve been doing digicam repairs for years so pwede ra didto :) I have my repairs done didto and i’ve had 3 repairs and i’m satisfied with all :)

  22. Naa koy problema sa akong duha ka lens (Canon EF28-135 & EF 50 1.8) kay naay puti nga hugaw nga mi pilit sa sulod sa lens.

    Naa kay mahirkomenda nga lens cleaner dinhi sa Cebu City?

  23. Naa koy problema sa akong duha ka lens (Canon EF28-135 & EF 50 1.8) kay naay puti nga hugaw nga mi pilit sa sulod sa lens.

    Naa kay mahirekomenda nga lens cleaner dinhi sa Cebu City?

  24. i called sampaguita suites they dont have camera care stores renting wer exactly can i find this store if you know the answer pls text me at 09228542276

    burnt adaptor

    • Hmm. Havent tried experiencing that error. Try sending it to a repair shop, I’m sure they can come up wiith an answer :)

  25. hi! just wanted to ask if there is a nikon ‘camera house’ here in cebu.. my cam jammed up and it says there’s something wrong with the lens. good thing it is still under warranty but the bad thing is, it was purchased in spain.. is the warranty still accepted here? please do help.. thank u!


    • @Raz hello Ms. broke, well unfortunately the Nikon “camera house” is in Manila. :( I hope the prob won’t be too expensive to deal with then.

  26. hi naa koy cannon na EOS40d ok ang menu ma view ang pic ang deperinsya jud kay kung e pres na ang para shot mapawng man og ang iyan built in nga flash kung pisliton ma pawng sad unsay dautan ani. og asa sad ko mag paau ani

    • @John hello John, this is Johnn. Camera Care Cebu is quite good. From Lahug you can take a 04C to Ramos. Get down in Sterling bank and walk across (use the skywalk) to Sampaguita suites buidling then inquire through the guard where the camera care is.

  27. bdw my camera is canon A2200 nasira yong lens nya ,then pwde bang mag tanong kung mag kanu ang mababayaran ko sa camera ko!!????

    • @juxela hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, you can try asking them :) I’m sorry but I’m not sure exactly how much it would cost.

    • @joy hello joy, I’m note sure where the GE service center is, but you can still try Camera Care because it has experience with all kinds of cameras. Hope this helps.

  28. hello, ako problem is my sigma 18-250mm lens. mi ungot ang iya aperture blades dili na maka open ug balik to f3.5. Gisuwayan nako adto sa ako gipalitan kay under warranty pa man pero ila ingon would take more than 3 months to repair. Dali ra ba kaha ni ayohon dha sa imo gi recommend na Camera Care Cebu?

  29. good day, akong dslr (olympus e-500) guba ang flash bulb, asa ta dapit mag pailis ana?then how much man pud ang bulb?


    • @Aiels hi! I’m sorry to tell you I’m not sure, but it’s not gonna cost your more than 2k perhaps (depends), you can prolly have it checked in Camera Care underneath Sampaguita Suites in Ramos dapit.

  30. sir moask ko if moayo ba sila ug sigm 18-200mm? shaky kaayo inig zoom in and zoom out nako…and pila sad ila pangayo…tnx

  31. ask lng ko mga pips.. pila pd bayad mgpa ayos ug built in camera sa akng dslr 550d model.. dli naman gd mo pop up or mogawas if mg automatic ko..

  32. sir ask lang ko, mo ayo ba sila ug olympus camera nga gi purchased outside the country? ang problem aning akong olympus sir kay ok ang focus pero inig shot nimo ang result kay, how do i describe it, blurred nga mga colors ra ang makita. lcd or lens ba kaha ang problem ani? more or less sir, how much will it cost me for the repair?

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