SM City Cebu Free Wifi Launching

Last Friday afternoon 5pm, SM City Cebu has officially opened its doors to the world of wif in its very building. Partnering with Philippine Global Communications (PhilCom), SM has launched free wifi spots in different SM malls around the Philippines.

Lola Techie FTW!

Lola Techie FTW!

Just recently, or rather, just yesterday, SM City Cebu launched their Wifi mallwide. So now where ever you go when you shop, you can connect with your wireless device and chat away. SM is definitely a place where I want to be from now on. Now anyone can go online anytime when in SM City Cebu with their Free wifi.

So how good is their wifi?


I was rather early arriving in the place at least 3 hours before the event started. There I met Sinjin and got my share of free “free wifi” shirts. Woot! Black! The set up was great! Although the area was not cordoned, the place was neat with the sofas nicely set up. I love the lounge-like feel of the audience instead of the usual plastic chairs. After sitting down in one of the sofas, I didn’t want to stand up anymore.

Anyway, the rest of the gang arrived a little later and the event started. There were cool prizes like the PSP Slim, Samsung Jet Phone, and HP Mini Note (Gawd i wanted this). Congrats to all the winners who won it from the trivia contest and Photoblogging contest.

Now how was the wifi?

In terms of getting a connection                                        3/5 (Sometimes good, sometimes difficult)

Speed                                                                                                4/5(It had a relatively good speed of 8mbps)

*the speed was enough to power 200 devices

Strength                                                                                       5/5(Great signal wherever you are!)

The event was great! A success I might say. But here are the few things the they could’ve improved:

  • test run- it seems like it was only first tested during the launching
  • wrong time wrong place- Nikki needs to perform somewhere else aside from the mall (no offense)
  • flow of events- there happened to be a lot of “empty spaces” in between the events and thus seemed dragging
  • I lost my tripod (LOL, okay, NOT SM’s fault :P)
  • Speed fluctuation- if the speed were stable I’d give it 5 stars

Over all, I enjoyed the event, especially with my fellow CBS family. Great job SM City Cebu for providing the first ever, Mallwide Free Wifi/Mallwide Hotspot in Cebu.

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